Navy League of Australia WA Division


 The Navy League of Australia (ACN 008 451063) is now one of a number of independent Navy Leagues formed in countries of the free world to influence public thinking on maritime matters and create interest in the sea.
The principal objective of the Navy League of Australia is ‘The maintenance of the maritime well-being of the Nation’ by:

  • Keeping before the Australian people the fact that we are a maritime nation and that a strong Navy and a sound maritime industry are indispensable elements of our national well-being and vital to the freedom of Australia.
  • Promoting defence self reliance by actively supporting manufacturing, shipping and transport industries
  • Promoting, sponsoring and encouraging the interest of Australian youth in the sea and sea-services, and supporting practical sea-training measures
  • Co-operating with other Navy Leagues and sponsoring the exchange of cadets for training purposes.


Patron: His Excellency, The Governor of Western Australia.

President: Brad Barrett

Hon. Secretary: CMDR J O’Neill ANC RTD
Mobile: 0413 688 447