Navy League of Australia WA Division

We: Promote Sponsor Encourage Australian Youth

In the sea and sea-services, including practical sea-training measures

Navy League of Australia Western Australia Division Website

We Encourage The Maritime Well-being Of The Nation

The League seeks to promote Defence self-reliance by actively supporting defence manufacturing, and the shipping and transport industries.


A Great Maritime Nation


 A Capable Maritime Industry


Vital to the freedom of Australia


The principal objective of the Navy League of Australia is “The maintenance of the maritime well-being of the Nation” by:
  • Keeping before the Australian people the fact that we are a maritime nation and that a strong Navy and a sound maritime industry are indispensable elements of our national well-being and vital to the freedom of Australia.
  • Promoting defence self reliance by actively supporting manufacturing, shipping and transport industries.
  • Promoting, sponsoring and encouraging the interest of Australian youth in the sea and sea-services, and supporting practical sea-training measures.
  • Co-operating with other Navy Leagues and sponsoring the exchange of cadets for training purposes.

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